Operations and maintenance optimisation for a 100 MW wave energy farm in Ireland


  • Simone Giorgi Ocean Wave Venture Ltd.
  • Alan Henry Rockall Research Ltd
  • Ben Kennedy Ocean Wave Venture Ltd.
  • Joseph van't Hoff Rockall Research Ltd.
  • Ronan Costello Ocean Wave Venture Ltd.
  • Pierre Lourdais CorPower Ocean
  • Hervé Gaviglio CorPower Ocean
  • Matt Dickson CorPower Ocean




Wave energy converter, Wave farm, Techno-economic model, Operations and maintenance, OPEX, LCOE, CorPower Ocean


Marine operations that are required for the development and service of offshore wave energy farms represent a significant proportion of the total project costs. These operations can be optimised through design and innovation to improve the LCOE of the project. This paper presents an analysis of marine operations in offshore renewable energy projects and ows the importance of early, detailed analysis and optimisation of these activities. The analysis uses general-purpose techno-economic analysis software developed by Wave Venture. The software provides an integrated engineering and financial simulation specifically designed for the needs of offshore renewable energy technology. A 100 MW wave energy farm, made up of 250 CorPower devices, off the west coast of Ireland is defined and analysed to demonstrate the capabilities of the techno-economic analysis incorporating a marine operations logistics model. The results demonstrate the strength of integrated logistics and finance software in the analysis and design of wave farms, and how these simulations can lead to significant improvements in the LCOE of offshore renewable energy projects.




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Giorgi, S., Henry, A., Kennedy, B., van’t Hoff, J., Costello, R., Lourdais, P., Gaviglio, H., & Dickson, M. (2022). Operations and maintenance optimisation for a 100 MW wave energy farm in Ireland. International Marine Energy Journal, 5(3), 349–362. https://doi.org/10.36688/imej.5.349-362



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