Kinetic energy of tidal currents in the province of Chubut, Argentina


  • Ana Julia Lifschitz Technological National University, Chubut Regional Faculty
  • Domenico Coiro
  • Giancarlo Troise
  • Horacio Giaquinta
  • Fabio Lazcano
  • Norma de Cristofaro



hydrokinetic turbines, kinetic tidal energy, resource on the Chubut coast, tidal currents.


This work is a preliminary study to find some sites for the potential use of tidal stream energy and their associated currents in the Chubut coast.  In addition, an evaluation of the energy resource of the Chubut Gulfs is made. The possibility of energetic utilization of the tides is achieved by transforming the displacement movement into a rotation movement by means of a hydrokinetic turbine. The energy can be extracted analogously to that of wind energy; therefore, it is not necessary to build a dam, avoiding the environmental and economic disadvantages it represents. Even though the results presented in this paper have significantly improved our understanding of tidal dynamics in this region, the collection of more observations, particularly in the interior and at the mouths of the Gulfs, is necessary to develop and fully shape tidal potential into power generation in the region.




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Lifschitz, A. J., Coiro, D., Troise, G., Giaquinta, H., Lazcano, F., & de Cristofaro, N. (2022). Kinetic energy of tidal currents in the province of Chubut, Argentina. International Marine Energy Journal, 5(1), 11–22.



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