Status of Marine Current Energy Conversion in China




Marine energy, Marine turbines, China, Tidal power


Marine current energy conversion (MCEC) technologies are promising renewable energy systems with some full scale and semi-commercial turbines constructed and deployed in several countries around the world. In this work, we present the status of marine current energy and systems in China and policies geared to support these. Over the past ten years the Chinese government has provided a policy framework and financial supports for the development of MCEC technologies of various design philosophies which has resulted in significant technology deployment at sea. A review of these technologies – which have turbine capacities in the range 20 kW to 650 kW, mostly tested at sea – is presented in the paper. In addition, the paper also discusses Chinese plans for marine energy test sites at sea to support prototype development and testing and concludes with a view of future prospects for the marine energy technology deployment in China.




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Liu, H., & Bahaj, A. S. (2021). Status of Marine Current Energy Conversion in China. International Marine Energy Journal, 4(1), 11–23.



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