Array modeling and testing of fixed OWC type Wave Energy Converters


  • Bret Bosma
  • Ted Brekken Oregon State University
  • Pedro Lomonaco Oregon State University
  • Bryony DuPont Oregon State University
  • Chris Sharp George Fox University
  • Belinda Batten Oregon State University



Oscillating water column, Wave energy converter array, Numerical modeling, Physical modeling


If wave energy technology is to mature to commercial success, array optimization could play a key role in that process. This paper outlines physical and numerical modeling of an array of five oscillating water column wave energy converters. Numerical model simulations are compared with experimental tank test data for a non-optimal and optimal array layout. Results show a max increase of 12% in average power for regular waves, and 7% for irregular waves between the non-optimized and optimized layouts. The numerical model matches well under many conditions; however, improvement is needed to adjust for phase errors. This paper outlines the process of numerical and physical array testing, providing methodology and results helpful for researchers and developers working with wave energy converter arrays.




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Bosma, B., Brekken, T., Lomonaco, P., DuPont, B., Sharp, C., & Batten, B. (2020). Array modeling and testing of fixed OWC type Wave Energy Converters. International Marine Energy Journal, 3(3), 137–143.



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