A novel wave-energy device with enhanced wave amplification and induction actuator


  • Onno Bokhove
  • Anna Kalogirou
  • David Henry
  • Gareth P. Thomas




water-wave focussing, wave-energy buoy, electro-magnetic generator, monolithic variational principle, finite-element modelling


A novel wave-energy device is presented. Both a preliminary proof-of-principle of a working, scaled laboratory version of the energy device is shown as well as the derivation and analysis of a comprehensive mathematical and numerical model of the new device. The wave-energy device includes a convergence in which the waves are amplified, a constrained wave buoy with a (curved) mast and direct energy conversion of the buoy motion into electrical power via an electro-magnetic generator. The device is designed for use in breakwaters and it is possible to be taken out of action during severe weather. The new design is a deconstruction of elements of existing wave-energy devices, such as the TapChan, IP wave-buoy and the Berkeley Wedge, put together in a different manner to enhance energy conversion and, hence, efficiency. The idea of wave-focusing in a contraction emerged from our work on creating and simulating rogue waves in crossing seas, including a "bore-soliton-splash". Such crossing seas have been recreated and modelled in the laboratory and in simulations by using a geometric channel convergence. The mathematical and numerical modelling is also novel. One monolithic variational principle governs the dynamics including the combined (potential-flow) hydrodynamics, the buoy motion and the power generation, to which the dissipative elements such as the electrical resistance of the circuits, coils and loads have been added a posteriori. The numerical model is a direct and consistent discretisation of this comprehensive variational principle. Preliminary numerical calculations are shown for the case of linearised dynamics; optimisation of efficiency is a target of future work.




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Bokhove, O., Kalogirou, A., Henry, D., & Thomas, G. P. (2020). A novel wave-energy device with enhanced wave amplification and induction actuator. International Marine Energy Journal, 3(1), 37–44. https://doi.org/10.36688/imej.3.37-44



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