Wave and tidal power measurement using HF radar

  • L. Wyatt
Keywords: HF radar, Wave directional spectrum, Surface current, Power, Direction


The use of HF radar systems located on the coast to measure ocean surface waves and currents is reviewed. Examples are given showing temporal, spatial and directional variability in the wave and tidal power resource. HF radars are unique in being able to provide such data continuously and over wide areas of sea where marine renewable installations are being considered or already in place. Two projects just getting underway at the time of writing are described. One will use HF radar to provide current and wave data for a French tidal stream power application and the other is aimed at supporting the Welsh Wave Hub site whilst also exploring methods to improve the robustness of the HF radar wave measurements.

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Wyatt, L. (2018). Wave and tidal power measurement using HF radar. International Marine Energy Journal, 1(2 (Nov), 123-127. https://doi.org/10.36688/imej.1.123-127
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