Editorial: Introducing the International Marine Energy Journal

A new home for the dissemination of research and development in marine renewable energy

  • A. S. Bahaj (Editor-in-chief IMEJ)
Keywords: Marine renewable energy, Tidal power, Wave power


The International Marine Energy Journal (IMEJ) deals with research and development in the renewable marine energy arena. It is a bold new initiative by the marine renewable energy community.  It is an open-access only journal where authors maintain copyright over their work. IMEJ justifies its ‘I’ by a genuinely international Editorial Board of renowned experts in the field who are committed to provide the Journal’s global contributors and readers the best in depth coverage of important areas of marine and offshore renewable energy as well as to provide coherence and direction to the journal. IMEJ will publish research articles covering theoretical, experimental and applied studies in the science, engineering and development of wave and tidal energy. It will also publish authoritative and up-to-date review articles.

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Bahaj (Editor-in-chief IMEJ), A. (2018). Editorial: Introducing the International Marine Energy Journal. International Marine Energy Journal, 1(1 (Aug), iii-iv. https://doi.org/10.36688/imej.1.iii-iv
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