A comparison of platform and sea-bed mounted flow measurement instrumentation for SME PLAT-I


  • Carwyn Frost Queen's University Belfast
  • Michael Togneri Swansea University
  • Penny Jeffcoate Sustainable Marine Energy
  • Thomas Lake Swansea University
  • Cuan Boake Applied Renewables Research Ltd
  • Ralf Starzmann SCHOTTEL HYDRO GmbH
  • Alison Williams Swansea University




Acoustic Doppler Instrumentation, Tidal Resource Assessment, Turbulence, Tidal Stream Turbines, Device Deployment


Tidal resource assessment for the characterisation of turbine performance or Annual Energy Prediction currently uses the method of bins as recommended by international standards. An alternative method is proposed in this paper and applied to the Sustainable Marine Energy PLAT-I deployment in Connel Sound, Scotland. This method may be suitable for tidal turbines which operate from the surface. Three instrumentation types are used in this work, a bed-mounted Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP), and platform-mounted Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) and Electromagnetic Current Meter (ECM). By comparing the resource characteristics from these three sources, a comparison of their velocity magnitudes and turbulence characteristics is made, demonstrating the difference between methodologies. It was found that the ADP evaluated using the method of bins produced a more conservative velocity distribution, in comparison to the ADV and ECM. Consequently, a representative AEP showed a difference of 3.8kWh (50% of ADP total) for the month of data collected. When comparing the Turbulence Intensity between devices, the ADP and ECM had similar metrics whilst the ADV had up to 14% higher values. The significance of these differences requires further work comparing them to the SME PLAT-I turbines power output to ascertain which best represents the onset flow experienced by the turbine and if there is a correlation between power performance and turbulence intensity.




How to Cite

Frost, C., Togneri, M., Jeffcoate, P., Lake, T., Boake, C., Starzmann, R., & Williams, A. (2022). A comparison of platform and sea-bed mounted flow measurement instrumentation for SME PLAT-I. International Marine Energy Journal, 5(2), 195–200. https://doi.org/10.36688/imej.5.195-200



EWTEC 2021 Special issue papers (Part 2)