About the journal

The International Marine Energy Journal (IMEJ) is a community enabled and led open access publication with the aim to publish original, high quality, state of the art articles exploiting the resources within the ocean and coastal waters, with particular emphasis on wave and tidal energy technologies (marine renewable energy) and their environmental and socio-economic aspects. Submitted articles should cover fundamental and applied research, including: case studies; field deployment and testing; techno-economic analysis and environmental and social impacts; and laboratory based studies covering wave and tidal energy. The Journal topics follow those addressed under the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) and associated international conference and meetings. These include:

  • Wave / tidal resource characterisation.
  • Wave / tidal device development, optimisation and testing.
  • Wave / tidal hydrodynamic modelling and structural mechanics.
  • Grid integration, PTO, control and electrical connections.
  • Station keeping, mooring, material, fatigue, loadings.
  • Arrays / farms.
  • Environmental impact assessment and appraisal.
  • Economic and social aspects.
  • Legislation, planning and codes, legal and political aspect of marine renewable energy.

In addition to submitted articles, Special issues emanating from associated as well as relevant conferences and meetings will also be published in the journal. The IMEJ also welcomes review articles relevant to marine renewable energy topics as well as cross cutting topics from other energy technologies that are of relevance to wave and tidal energy.

There are currently NO Article Processing Charges (APC), submission charges any any other fees to be paid in order to publish an article in IMEJ; publication is free.  We may introduce an APC in the future, but not until 2021 at the earliest.